Pipe Band Competition

The Montreal Highland Games always presents pipe band competitions. The event accepts applications from bands in grades 5, 4, 3 and 2. Competitions are run under the auspices of ‘The Quebec Pipers’ & Drummers’ Society’. The competition will be presented in a standard pipe band competition format – circle-on-the-grass formation. The Games committee normally expects a maximum of 30 bands to participate, based on the average number of participants over the past couple of decades.

Please note that the minimum player requirements are slightly different than in some other jurisdictions.

The exact start time for the morning competitions will be   determined once the entry deadline has passed and the precise number of competitors is established.  All bands will be given an approximate time slot for their competition.

Registration forms can be found here

For more information, please contact Cameron Stevens.

Results of the 2016 Montreal Highland Games Pipe Band competition

Grade 2:
1. Viscount Park Pipe Band
(1 band competed)
Grade 3:
1. Atlanta Pipe Band
2. Worcester Kilties Pipe Band
3. Glengarry Pipe Band Grade 3
(3 bands competed)
Grade 4
1. Fredericton Society of St Andrew Pipe Band
2. Macmillan-Birtles Pipe Band
3. The Black Watch Association Pipes and Drums
(4 bands competed)
Grade 5
1. Glengarry Pipe Band grade 5
2. Ottawa Caledonia Pipe Band
3. Sons of Scotland Pipe Band
(5 bands competed)